The interior of the venue has very few changes from the original rendering. The large ballroom space will be ideal for weddings and receptions and well as concerts and parties.The barn kit from Sand Creek Post & Beam arrived onsite this week, where crews began to unload and organize timbers for construction.

Beaumont event venue moving forward, expanding offerings

When Josie Broders came home to her husband Ransen after a Leadership Wayne class with a question for him, neither one imagined that the question would change their lives. 

The question was merely 'what does Wayne need?' 

Simple enough, but after thinking about it and discussing the things Wayne was missing, the Broders settled on an event venue, namely for weddings and receptions.

Once the wheels began to turn it was obvious that what was supposed to be a project for her class, would not just be a project. 

"I just asked Ransen what does Wayne need," Josie said. "I had to come back the next day with an idea to share with the group and this is what we came up with. 

Josie wanted to design the venue as much as she could so she started with a Sand Creek Post and Beam and made modifications. 

Ransen, a local sales manager at Heritage Homes, deals with drafting plans daily, but Josie was new to the process, so with his guidance, a scale ruler and some graph paper, the venue space was born.

Other projects from the Leadership classes get expanded on and looked into and in some cases, such as the Wayne Bark Park, things come together and it works.

Josie isn't unfamiliar with the event biz thanks to her mother's successful event planning and decor business with her sisters called Sister's Florals. The business is based out of Emerson, but travels often. 

"My mom is an event planner and she's done quite a few things at the auditorium here in Wayne."

With their parents on board to help, be it with the venue or their little guy Hayes, the Broders moved forward with the planning of The Beaumont, looking at several pieces of property before deciding on the current location to the north of the golf course right on Highway 15.

"We looked at properties, some by the hotels in town, and yes, you could build an event center down there, but not like this one," Ransen said. "It doesn't belong in the middle of things. You could put up a steel building but this big elegant barn wouldn't work."

Things went back and forth with the city for some time when the planning started but once the property was ironed out and the city's role was defined, the Broders were able to move forward with designing and building the space.

Both Broders had plenty of ideas to bring into the space -- from the now official bar and grille to hosting bridal shows and a Junkstock-esk day. 

Ransen's family are musicians, so having a place for live music was an important addition. Eventually, the hope is that the venue will host a weekly live music night to fill another niche.

"We hope we can offer something to everybody," Ransen said of the options.

Josie continued, "There's a difference between a convention center and a venue in my mind and this is a venue. It has a lot of options and we have a lot of ideas for more."

Women's nights during harvest and hosting graduation parties or corporate meetings are also on the list of things the venue will be capable of handling.

"We would love to have Pheasants Forever, Whitetails Unlimited and those types of events out there," said Ransen.

Primarily, however, The Beaumont will serve as a wedding and wedding reception venue for brides looking for a rustic setting for their big day.

The Beaumont itself is a barn kit made right here in Wayne. With large exposed beams and heated concrete floors, the space will offer both style and practicality.

The 15,000 square-foot facility will contain a large ballroom, bar and grille space, and a meeting room along with a bridal suite and a family space. There is a full caterer's kitchen available for use and two patios -- one for the ballroom and one for the restaurant.

The bar and grille is stocked with a full bar, but will have a wide selection of wines to choose from and will be a completely separate area from the ballroom.

"It will be fully stocked but it's more geared toward being a wine bar and we will have tap beer," Ransen said. "It will be a simple menu but it's another option for people."

While Josie has been calling upon her mother's expertise to help with the design and details, some of that has also come from a well-known friend to many -- Pinterest.

The venue will have options for brides to customize their time, whether they choose to do the decor themselves or choose to utilize Sister's Florals. And eventually Josie hopes to offer in-house design services and packages but to begin with, helping brides pick who they want to work with and how they want it set up will be more than enough.

Both of the Broders felt very strongly that it was important to make sure each bride felt that the venue was their main priority, so hard decisions were made.

Josie decided that it was time to devote herself to the project, so she quit her full time job and became the project manager and fills the role of the venue manager.

Each wedding or event will have unlimited meetings with her and they'll have full access to tables and chairs when renting the space. 

The Broders said there would be a person representing The Beaumont at every event -- eventually those will be full time staff members but until things get going, Ransen, Josie and various family members will be stepping in to handle it.

Josie will be as involved or as uninvolved as each bride wants her to be, but there are some things that The Beaumont won't be doing, at least not right off the bat such as catering or offering a free shuttle service.

The Broders will provide a list of preferred caterers to those renting the space. The names on that list will be people who have great reviews from others in the area or have worked with the Broders personally. 

There will be some type of shuttle service available for a nominal fee, but the Broders hope to eventually offer the service for free since the venue isn't right next to the hotels.

The Beaumont grounds will be completely accessible for renters to take photos and to have outdoor events or ceremonies.

And how did The Beaumont get it's name?

"Our first concert together we went to see this guy Hayes Carl and he sings this song called The Beaumont, which actually ended up being our wedding song," Josie said of the unique name. "It means beautiful hill and if you go out to the site and stand, it fits. You over look the creek and it's a beautiful view."

The tentative grand opening for the space is set for the second weekend in April of 2018. 

A website is currently in the works, but for now, those who are looking to get information on pricing for the spaces available to rent are asked to contact Josie through The Beaumont Facebook page. 

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